Justice should be blind, not bigoted

By | June 23, 2017

Statue of avatar of JusticeHave you looked into the background of our newly appointed Justice Secretary, David Lidington?

He’s been relatively low key until now, despite being an MP since 1992; in 2010 he was appointed Europe Minister. At the 2015 election he became Leader of the house of Commons and then recently Justice Minister and Lord Chancellor under Theresa May.

He’s been a constituency MP for a number of years in the safe seat of Aylesbury, having held this since 1992.

You may have seen him mentioned in the recent expenses scandal articles. He thought it was acceptable to claim £1,300 for dry cleaning, including regular laundering of his bathroom mats in 2009. That same year his total expenses were £116k, twice his base salary.

I guess we have become weary of MPs and public officials taking the piss but his attitudes towards spending other people’s monies are rather generous.

That’s not my main gripe with him though … we now have a Justice Secretary who is simply put, a bigot, with attitudes more relevant to the 18th century than modern Britain.

He has an *appaling* record on LGBT issues, having consistently voted against LBGT issues for almost 30 years and also on human rights, especially Women’s rights.

He is on record as saying, “marriage is for the procreation of children”. He has consistently voted to reduce the time limit for abortions and even voted in favour of banning abortion providers from offering counselling services, to instead make these services independent … you know, just in case they were encouraging women to have abortions.

Lets run down the highlights of his voting record, which put him firmly in the 18th century;

  • 2016,17 – consistently voted against membership of the EU
  • 2016,17 – voted against a right of remain, for EU nationals within the UK
  • 2016 – voted in favour of repealing the human rights act
  • 2015 – voted against allowing the right of someone who is terminally ill to take their own life without the permission of the high court
  • 2013 – voted against same sex marriage
  • 2013 – votes against making it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of caste
  • 2013 – voted to shrink the remit and powers of the commission for equality and human rights
  • 2002,03,04 – voted against the hunting ban
  • 2003 – voted to keep the ban on the promotion of homosexuality within school curriculum
  • 2002 – voted to ban gay couples from adopting children
  • 1998 – voted against equalising the age of consent for same sex relationships to that of heterosexual relationships

I shudder to think about the direction of travel of freedom and equality legislation within the UK once we lose the protection given by EU law and the progressive thinking of the EU & associated legal bodies.




New Justice Secretary David Lidington opposed gay rights and wanted to scrap Human Rights Act

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